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Why choose us?

We’re innovators, not imitators. We customize and create a unique brand of aggressively flavored appetizers, entrees, and desserts without the use of excess fat. We avoid packaged foods such as frozen appetizers and never outsource…EVER. Using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, we handcraft your menu, combining your imagination with our expertise, resulting in an event you will long remember…. + Read More


With over fifteen years of catering experience, we understand what works and can provide you with knowledgeable guidance.

And because we’ve developed numerous menu options including over forty unique Appetizers, twenty Pastas, twenty- five Entrees that can be paired with dozens of sauces, and over one hundred Desserts, we can deliver exactly the event you desire… + Read More

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Telephone: 818.309.7365

Email: info@nectarinecatering.com

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