We gain our inspiration from the vast array of the very best ingredients that are available to us ranging from Washington State Bing Cherries to Alaskan Copper River Salmon. It’s the ingredients that motivate us to create new dishes and improve existing ones, not food trends or fads.


Fancy Cookies
We bake over thirty varieties but some of our most popular include Lime Cheesecake Bars on Coconut Crust, Cherry Streusel Bars, and Date Walnut Biscotti with Orange Essence.

Folks seem to really like our Pecan Bourbon with Toasted Almond Praline and the Raspberry Lemon Bavarian with Shaved Mango but there are fifteen more where these came from.

We make our own Gelato in a dazzling array of over twenty flavors including Passion Fruit Rum, Valencia Orange, and an intensely flavored Espresso that will definitely get your attention. Ten Seasonal Fruit Sorbets ranging from Nectarine, of course, to Island Pineapple are also available.


We bake a number of breakfast pastries from Light Lemon Scones with Assorted Whole Fruit Jams to Cinnamon Rolls topped with our own Caramel and Toasted Pecans. We also offer an array of enticing entrees that bring a whole new take on breakfast.